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Husk Construction Group

- Building Moore County Since 1998 -


Commercial | Residential Renovation & Remodel


Husk Construction Group has 25 years of experience with both interior and exterior design.  

With a well developed team of trusted sub-contractors, we have brought the best aesthetics and functionality to homes across Moore County.  Our scope of our work has also included the management of projects working directly with insurance claims, real estate investments, and home inspectors and realtors. 

Custom Homes

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We also build custom homes, as Husk Construction Group leads the construction industry with innovative perspectives.  Striving to bring you the best quality, we stay up-to-date on bringing energy efficient construction and technology into our work.  As a family owned and operated company, we build with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship, producing beautiful new homes for happy new homeowners.   

Carbon Kevlar Strapping


As certified installers of carbon fiber kevlar strapping, we can stabilize cracking and bowing foundation walls that are caused from lateral pressure against them.  A few of the benefits of this strapping are the cost effectiveness compared to other repair methods, as well as non invasive installation, and a long life expectancy.

"Built-In" Security

kevlar strappung jpg_edited.jpg

Welcome to the next level of security and safety!  Our expertise includes custom built-in bookcases, shelves, and safes, allowing for a discrete entrance into another room.  Our intuitively creative designs are built specifically for you and your home.


About Husk Construction Group

Husk Construction Group is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial construction company dedicated to building our clients' dream homes. Since 1998, we have been serving Moore County of North Carolina with the highest standards, integrity, and value.

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